Don't let chronic pain affect your day-to-day life and mental health. Our integrated practitioner approach is designed to decrease pain and increase athletic performance.

A visit to MVMTLAB consists of a thorough full-body assessment, diagnosis, treatment using various soft tissue techniques, and recommended rehab exercises. Our goal is to help you fix your concerns as fast as possible, and get you back to doing what you love pain-free.


The very best place to receive physical therapy! Each and every person who works there is kind, intelligent and committed to their work - you really cant go wrong when choosing who to see. You will feel like you walked into your friend’s house upon entering MVMTLAB. You will always hear lots of laughter, and good tunes. The patient/therapist relationships are strong; patients are encouraged to be involved in their recovery which is so helpful for me. Definitely check out their Ground Control class! Neuroplasticity/magic, it improved the way i move for life. I love it here!

TL/DR: come for the therapy, stay for the atmosphere.

-Cypress K

I've been going to MVMTLAB since Nov 2018, and I have had nothing but positive experiences. I've seen an improvement in my chronic pain by at least 50-75%. The whole team is very welcoming and it's comforting to know that we are working on getting to the root of the problem, rather than just solving things superficially/temporarily. I recommend this clinic to anyone dealing with any type of pain or discomfort.

-Monday M

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