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Ground Control classes

During a one hour class, my students and I will hold 3 or 4 of the 6 basic infant movement pattern positions for long periods of time, anywhere from 5 to 30 mins per position. These positions seem extremely simple at first, but after a short period of time, students start to notice deep burning in parts of their body as well as their brain telling them to move or twitch or stop because there is discomfort… This is where it gets interesting.

In order to regain our proper infant movement patterns, we have to re-learn how to use the least amount of effort to hold ourselves up (or in a squat, or on all fours). This will re-program our brains into using the proper segmental stabilizer muscles in all of our normal, other daily movements and activities.

Best thing about Ground Control? Anyone can do it, anytime, no matter their physical condition. What's more, everyone can benefit from it. As a rehab practise, it helps reduce chronic pain significantly; in many of my patients it brought them back to their pre-injury state of well-being. As a pre-hab practise for high level athletes, it helps elevate performance by identifying poor movement patterns and strengthening imbalances.

I like to call Ground Control functional meditation because during the practise, if we concentrate on our body’s reaction to holding positions for a long time, we realize that the pain we feel is actually only a projection coming from a processing error in the brain.
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Pricing : Ground Control
$18 per drop-in
$90 unlimited monthly

Mon -Thu @ 7:00am
Mon, Wed & Fri @ 12pm
Wed & Fri @ 7:00pm

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