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The Hip and Shoulder Therapy 4 Pack

The Hip and Shoulder Therapy 4-Pack: 4 Sessions dedicated to helping you unlock peak performance!

Have you ever felt that you had more in the tank, but just couldn’t reach that next level of performance? Whether it be struggling with a persistent sticking point in your squat,bench, or deadlift, trouble perfecting your shot, serve, swing, or spike despite hours of practice, being unable to break your personal best run or cycle time, or being held back by recurring aches and pains, the Hip and Shoulder Therapy 4-Pack is for you.

After struggling for years with lackluster cookie-cutter training programs and conflicting advice on form and technique, Chris found himself frustrated by these same problems.Seemingly perpetually stuck working around aches and pains that just wouldn’t resolve, and being held back from the performances he knew he had within himself, Chris decided to take matters into his own hands, and dedicated himself to the study of the body and its function in relation to athletic development.

This endeavor produced a deep and integrated understanding of the role of the hip and shoulder in sports performance, and how subtle limitations in their function can lead to significant and frustrating barriers to progression. Having found a way to finally blast through his own performance barriers by restoring his own hip and shoulder health, Chris knew that what he learned had the potential to help other athletes unlock their own performance potential.

Thus, Chris has designed the Hip and Shoulder Therapy 4-Pack as a unique blend of personalized Strength Coaching and Physiotherapy Treatment – a focused combination of his years of experience with strength sports, as both coach and athlete, with the specialized assessment and treatment skillset of his Physiotherapy education.

In sessions designed to assess the health and function of your hips or shoulders,while considering the unique demands of your chosen pursuit, the Hip and Shoulder Therapy 4-Packs will provide you with the tools and knowledge to unlock your full performance potential.

Over the course of 4 sessions, Chris will work with you to find and eliminate your personal barriers,and create a personalized training program that you will be able to use to ensure consistent and constant progression, while maintaining and improving the health of your hips and shoulders.

If you are interested in supercharging the health and function of your hips and shoulders, and unlocking your full performance potential, book in today!




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