With our 4-session therapy package, our Manual Osteopath Adrian Wallace focuses on preparing your shoulders to handle the demands of various movements, including (but not limited to) rows, presses, carries, Turkish get-ups, crawls and hangs.

You will build the integrity of your shoulder from the core outward and discover cues to make your exercises and daily activities more effective. It is also ideal to correct existing imbalances and/or recover from past shoulder injuries.

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If you prefer classes, BAZOOKA is a Shoulder-specific Reprogramming & Functional Meditation program. It works on rewiring the brain to erase old protective mechanisms, reduce pain and correct movement patterns.

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I’d recommend this place to anyone in need of physio or interested in improving the physical performance. I haven’t tried all the services but Adrian rules (and the rest of the staff) so go fix your squat!

- Anthony M

...Finally, I did a Ground Control class with Adrian Wallace, (Manual Osteopath / Personal Trainer / EXOS & FMS Specialist) and have plans to do some future sessions with him to sort out them old bones :)

-Marni M

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Our athlete-practitioners know what it takes to get your body back to performing at its best. Book an appointment now to reach you max potential.

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