Life can be demanding, especially if you're carrying all the weight of the world on your shoulders. Whether it's from over-training or a unfortunate misstep, don't let injury slow you down.

We help rewire your brain to erase old protective mechanisms, reduce pain and correct movement patterns. Our goal is to help you fix your concerns as fast as possible, and get you back to doing what you love pain-free.



All of MVMTLAB's practitioners are or were high-level competitive athletes.

Dr. Jeff Almon is the owner of MVMTLAB and was a professional athlete in his previous career, playing 2 years in the CFL.

Dr. Katie Gaskin is a strength & conditioning coach and a former professional hockey player. Having reached the pinnacle of her sport, she understands that physical preparation, maintenance and recovery are paramount for top athletic performance.

Dr. Claire Kassian was a National-level 400m sprinter and was a member of University of Alberta's track team.

As such, they understand the mental side of sports performance and its link to body mechanics like no other chiropractors in the lower mainland. They specialize in movement pattern analysis and dynamic neuromuscular stability.

Today I walked into the MVMTLAB clinic seeking help for my post concussion symptoms. Dr. Katie Gaskin is awesome! As an ex 'concussion victim' herself, her understanding and knowledge on the subject blew me away.

-Adrien F

I think Dr. Claire Kassian might be magic. Great chiropractor and so good to see someone with so much enthusiasm for her work! Thanks Claire!

-Greg M.

Jeff has helped me with hip and shoulder impingement as well as a previous neck injury. He doesn't provide a cookie-cutter quick fix, he dives deep into finding the root of the issue.

- David G

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