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Advanced Laboratory Testing

3 Reasons WHY You Should Consider Nutritional Testing

1. You are what you eat

The saying used to be “You are what you eat.” However, you may be eating all the healthy foods in the world, but even a balanced diet may still not be providing all the essential nutrients you need. In fact, you may be using certain nutrients at a faster rate pending on your training program and stress. Testing can help you make your diet specific to your exercise regime and lifestyle.

2. You are what you absorb

More recently, medical experts are supporting “You are what you absorb.” If you are unable to digest your food down enough into the usable parts or are unable to thoroughly absorb the nutrients across the intestinal lining into the blood, then you will experience nutritional deficiencies. This issue is a common root cause for B12 and/or iron deficiencies. What are clues that you may not be properly digesting your food? Consider nutritional testing if any of the following symptoms are frequent, chronic or recurrent:

* Constipation or infrequent/painful/uncomfortable bowel movements

* Diarrhea or loose/watery/urgent bowel movements

* Bloating, belching or gas

* Heartburn, abdominal cramping & indigestion

* Mucous, blood or undigested food in the stool

3. You are what you metabolize

Now, some argue “You are what you metabolize.” Key nutrients must be in their functional co-factor form to be used for digestion, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter metabolism, and detoxification. You can be taking all the right supplements, but without the right nutritional co-factors, intermediate metabolites will build up instead of the end-product metabolites that we need. Nutritional testing assesses levels of end-product & intermediate metabolites to see which key co-factors are lacking.

In summary, consider nutritional testing because your body may need support with:

* Obtaining the nutrients that you use at a faster rate due to your training and lifestyle.

* Digestion of your food into the usable nutrients.

* Metabolism or use of key nutrients in important biochemical pathways.

Nutritional Testing at MVMTLab

MVMTLab is now offering Genova Metabolomix+ testing. This test assesses the urine for specific organic acids and amino acids which allows us to determine the functional need for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, omega balance, digestive support, amino acids and toxic exposure. And, it’s a simple take-home test kit!


What is the Metabolomix+ test used for?

* Identifying nutritional insufficiencies that are key for athletic optimization

* Pinpointing nutritional deficiencies that may be the cause of complex, chronic disease

* Highlighting potential abnormalities in digestion and absorption

* Giving insight into deficits within the metabolism of nutrients necessary for critical biochemical pathways

What does Metabolomix+ give insight to?

* Athletic optimization

* Malnutrition

* Mood disorders

* Cardiovascular disease

* Metabolic syndrome

* Fatigue

* Obesity and weight issues

* Cognitive decline

What does Metabolomix+ consists of?

Organic Acids – insight into nutritional cofactor, digestive issues, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter metabolism, detoxification, and oxalates.

Amino Acid Analysis – includes 37 essential and non-essential amino acids in addition to intermediary metabolites responsible for protein digestion and absorption as well as the metabolism of B vitamins.

Oxidative Stress Analysis – reveals the current status of oxidative stress and reserve capacity of the body.



* Metabolix+ Basic $539

* Metabolix+ Complete $709

* Metabolix+ plus Comprehensive Urine Elements $645

* Metabolix+ plus Fatty Acid Profile $594

For athletic optimization MVMTLab offers a test & retest package of

* Metabolix+ Complete plus  Metabolix+ Basic $1150

Add-on Components

* Bloodspot Essential Metabolic Fatty Acids

* Urine Nutrient & Toxic Elements


To get started with your advanced laboratory testing, book in with Dr. Marieta Buse or email to discuss your options.




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