#500-55 Water Street
Vancouver BC V6B1A1

Neuroplasticity Gym: Introductory Instructors Course

This 6-hour introductory course is designed for the fitness, strength and conditioning professional and certified kinesiologist who is interested in how the nervous system can be retrained to regain global stability.

The attendee will be exposed to our clinically proven Ground Control and Shoulder Codex methodology by learning the basics of brain networks, neuroplasticity and pain science.

By focusing on holding certain fundamental static positions for time, participants will experience incremental increases in the motor unit recruitment necessary to properly and automatically facilitate joint centration. This process will help with those clients with hard-to-fix issues and provide an alternative training method for patients who are injured or are recovering from injury.

This method has been described as “functional meditation,” “the no-movement-movement” and is a missing link for performance training.

Don't miss out on this unique method used with multiple national teams, professional and high-level athletes.


What: 6-hour BCRPA credit course

When: Sunday April 14th, 2024

Where: MVMTLAB #500-55 Water St, Vancouver, BC (Buzz 500)

Cost: $250.

*Experience free Ground Control Class:

Tuesday March 19th at 6pm as a preview to the course content.

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