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Golf Performance Therapy

Injuries can happen to all levels of golfers, from the professionals to players trying out golf for the first time. While working on the LPGA tour Colin has seen it all, from the niggling injuries that can persist throughout a long season, to the severe injuries that can cut short seasons and careers. Many of these injuries persist or become worse due to improper management, and poor assessment of kinetic chains that may be affecting fundamental movement patterns. 

Improving Fundamental movement patterns can positively impact the entire golf swing, including more efficient weight transfer, increase in separation on the back-swing and smoother transitions into the downswing. All this equates to a decreased risk of injury and getting back to pain free golf.

When visiting Colin, he will go through a thorough assessment, picking apart specific aspects of the golf swing and focus on key areas that are not functioning optimally. He will address those areas using manual treatment, and targeted exercise prescription to create a global change. 

Through assessment and treatment he will develop a management plan, go through some easy warm-ups to create more effective movement, easy modifications in how you play and practice to manage injuries better. 

Book an appointment to get a thorough assessment and treatment plan to progress to pain free golf and perform at your best.




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