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Free Golf Seminar

On Wednesday February the 19th there will be a FREE seminar at MVMTLAB focused on common injuries associated with golf. As an Osteopathic practitioner who worked with the Ladies Professional Golf Association for the last five years.

While working on the LPGA, there were many injuries I encountered. Both severe injuries that need immediate action. Minor injuries, which left unattended can cause further issues and turn into something much more severe. Below is a list of areas I saw most commonly injured while working on the tour:

-         Neck

-         Shoulder

-         Lower back

-         Hip

-         Hand/wrist

Although the pain may present from the site of the injury, most injuries are caused by a multitude of areas that are not working together properly. Most notably with golf, and other rotational sports,the mid back or the thoracic spine, as its prime function is to rotate. The thoracic spine itself is not commonly injured, but poor rotation of the thoracic spine can cause undue stress on many areas of the body.

Many of these injuries can be prevented, by assessing the function of the area such as; the neck, shoulder, lower back and hip. Improving the function with the help of therapists, exercises, and strengthening other areas that will lead to decrease the demand on specific joints and muscles.

Not all injuries are due to just poor movement and weakness. Other factors such as equipment, technique, amount of play/practice and course condition come into play in regards to preventing injuries. But of course not all injuries are preventable.

Many player succumb to injuries while playing golf and it is natural for them to happen. When injuries happen is it best to rest and get the injury assessed by a professional, and figure out the best course of action to get back to full health.

Although rest is ideal, it is not always possible. Players have obligations they have to meet, such as contracts,ranking points and maintaining status to be able to play the following year. It is not just professionals that play through injuries, many amateur golfers that play on weekends also get injured. They play through the injuries as they just want to play! Sometimes the weather is too good not play, or maybe you have booked to play at a prestigious course and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. In any case, playing while injured must also be managed through modified practice and play, to still enjoy yourself while you are out there.

If you want to hear more about how common golf injuries occur, how to prevent them and how to manage them, come to a FREE seminar held by myself and Chris Krammer, on Wednesday February 19th that the MVMTLAB.

Colin Trigellis-Smith




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